Localized Branding: Not Just For Big Business


Just because you are defined as a “local” business doesn’t mean you should ignore localized branding in your efforts to become the talk of the town.

Although localized marketing strategies are often synonymous with large companies reaching many dissimilar international markets, the core principles also apply to small businesses domestically and abroad. In fact, the customer nuances within a city provide a great opportunity to develop memorable touchpoints that resonate with its disparate groups.

Small businesses are better equipped to address the diverse needs of all customer types through knowledge of city intricacies, and the ability to physically reach different targeted regions more easily. Follow us into the proverbial orchard as we present to you an array of low hanging fruit; small business tactics ripe for the pickin’. By implementing some of these practices, your small business can cut through the clutter of highly competitive localized markets.

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Just like the dentist example in the featured image below, guerilla marketing is used to promote products and services in a unique manner. If you own a bike shop, your customers most likely ride bikes around the city. Strategically place care packages throughout specific neighborhoods in which you wish to boost brand recognition. Make sure you grab their email address when they come to the store with their newly found gift card, and encourage interaction through social media.

If your shop gets a lot of foot traffic, adding a dog water bowl outside can encourage customer interaction and show you care. Here are some more online and offline guerilla tactics.

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Say you own a camera shop. Hold a photo contest in different areas of town where the best picture yields a grand prize package. Once again, make sure you get their email address along the way, and hold a post-contest party with refreshments at your shop. You may just get some sales out of it, and a few new advocates to boot.


Let’s face it, mobile search volume is only getting larger. Ensure your website is optimized for mobile, and has a responsive design. Also, prepare your site for mobile “I-want-to-buy” moments (see tweet below) by optimizing your google business listing, and ensuring your local keywords and website are up to snuff. SEO will be a challenge to small businesses for many reasons, but if you stay at it, those additional leads and customers will be well worth the effort.

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Face-to-face interaction is still an essential part of doing business, especially in tight knit communities. Although networking takes some time, and often requires a small entry fee based on the event or organization, it is a great way to stay relevant and increase business. For example, a local photographer who often attends Chamber of Commerce events stands a better chance at becoming the go-to photographer for businesses within that organization.


The Better Business Bureau provides many small business resources to help you market and grow your business. Visit our Small Business Help Center for useful tips and tools to take your small business to the next level.

If these tasks seem daunting, start with a few and work your way up. In today’s modern world, staying ahead of the curve means a healthy combination of strong digital presence, and physical interaction with customers. This rings especially true for small businesses, as there never seems to be a shortage of competition.

Localized Branding: Not Just For Big Business

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