Sharpen Your Career Search: Using BBB to Better Your Job Hunt

Fine tune your career search with BBB tips

More often than not, the culmination of four years of pulling all-nighters studying for tests and wordsmithing essays leads to a post-grad “what now?” moment rather than the “aha!” moment you may have been expecting.

There’s no syllabus to follow for figuring out life after college, but your quest for a career doesn’t have to be as daunting as that 15-page final project term paper.

We can’t blame you for never wanting to see any version of a grading scale for a long while, but the Better Business Bureau offers up more than just A to F ratings for businesses.

Up for one last lesson? Take detailed notes…or at least some quick bullet points on how BBB can help you fine-tune your job search approach!


Illegitimate companies taking advantage of new graduates is an unfortunate reality. Before you start your search, do your research. Take some time to read up on the latest employment scams via BBB Scam Tracker and keep top of mind some of the red flags to be on the lookout for.

job search red flags


Not sure what type of job to even look for? You are not alone! Getting started in your job search is arguably the hardest part. Start by seeking out some of the Accredited “Job Listing & Advisory Services” on such as the well-known and trusted, CareerBuilder, to help narrow down your interests and get the ball rolling.


Know what type of field you want to dive into? Use to search for companies in the field where you may have interest! Find an archive of Accredited Businesses within our list of categories from Real Estate to Dentistry and everywhere in between. From our list, create your own of trusted businesses in your area where you would like to inquire about job openings. Let your prospective future employer know that you found them by searching for trustworthy businesses through the BBB!


 Any reputable company you send an application to will initiate a background check on you, but doing a thorough check on the business you apply to is important, too. Once you’ve found a business you would like to submit an application to, whether they are Accredited or not, be sure to view their Business Review! Find important information such as their BBB rating, a description of their services, contact information, customer reviews and more to help facilitate your business background check. This information can give you insight into how they are interacting with consumers in the marketplace.


Whether you’re looking for a part-time gig or to start a career, staying secure and maintaining confidence throughout the process remains of utmost importance. Adding resources from the BBB into your job search agenda can help you sail smoothly into the perfect profession! Happy hunting!


Sharpen Your Career Search: Using BBB to Better Your Job Hunt

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