Stress Less: 4 Tips to Tackle Workplace Stress

Improve your workplace stress and strive for a positive work-life balance

The average employee spends over a third of the workweek devoted entirely to their career. We truck through the day tapping on keyboards, staring at computer screens and sitting through conference calls as if on autopilot. As the demand for constant service accessibility grows, workplace responsibility dilates in congruence. As a result, we spread ourselves thin, adding on time and taking on tasks in an effort to satisfy consumers and defend job security in an unpredictable market.

When work-life becomes unbalanced, it can be hard to realize the toll it takes until stress effects begin to affect the health of both body and mind. Pay attention to the signals. Know when to switch gears and tap the breaks before workplace stress drives you into hazardous conditions.

In honor of National Stress Awareness Month, start now and start simple with our 4 Tips to Tackle Workplace Stress.

Stress Awareness



Waking up is hard whether it’s done after the first alarm or the fifth. Abstain from the urge to snooze “just five more minutes” and even consider setting your alarm at least fifteen minutes earlier than normal.

Managing job stress begins before you open the office door. Don’t add points to your stress test by running late. Arriving just a few minutes early will give you time to settle in and saddle up for the day ahead.


One of the main causes of workplace stress is submitting to excessive workloads. Be honest with yourself, your team, and your boss. A job well done yields more satisfaction than several jobs done just okay. Recognize when your plate is piling up and become comfortable with wait-listing or even turning down more tasks. If your schedule is packed, make rearrangements. Allowing for time to refocus between meetings and projects can prove to reduce over commitment related stress.


Make an organized list of your priorities for the day. Start small. Making your first few tasks some of your easier feats will help set the tone for the rest of your day. Completing simple tasks and crossing them off your list will help you gear up for more extensive undertakings.

  1. GET UP & OUT

A break is factored into your schedule for a reason. Take it. Enjoying time outside and on your feet in the middle of the day has proven to help productivity, not hinder it. Taking a short walk outside can trigger the release of endorphins responsible for relieving stress and promoting positivity.

Take the BBB Stress Less Challenge and strive to implement our 4 Tips to Tackle Workplace Stress for the next 4 weeks. Use the hashtag #BBBStressLess to tell us how starting sooner, avoiding over-commitment, organizing & prioritizing and getting up & out have helped to relieve your workplace stress.

Stress Less: 4 Tips to Tackle Workplace Stress

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