Spring Cleaning Tips to Help Calm the Clutter

Resources and advice to keep your homes and life de-cluttered and stress free

With hectic work and family calendars, what’s the best way to tackle piles of paper, sort through old clothes and flush out dust bunnies? The Chicago BBB can help you find the answer. Our tips will get your home in tiptop shape and ensure that this spring you’ll be spending time with your family outdoors — and not stuck inside reining in that clutter.


Spring is here, and no doubt you’re looking to clear the clutter that’s been collecting all winter. With hectic work and family calendars you might not have the time to tackle piles of paper, sort through old clothes and flush out dust bunnies.

So how can you get your home in tiptop shape and ensure that, when spring arrives, your family can enjoy being outdoors — and not stuck inside reining in clutter?

We can help.

BBB resources connect you with trusted businesses that can make your life easier. Before starting your spring cleaning, visit ask.bbb.org to find the best service providers, conduct background checks and request quotes from a variety of household cleaning services.

Tackling Big Messes

Many families juggling work and school responsibilities don’t have time to mop floors, vacuum carpets or wash windows. When time is too scarce or the job is too big, call in a pro. Find the perfect provider of house cleaning services in our searchable business directory.

Another way to chip away at clutter is to gather items you don’t use and donate them. “Keep a box or bag in your laundry room for unwanted items,” recommends Amber Kostelny of Amber’s Organizing, LLC. “Get familiar with your local charities so you can drop things off on the way to and from places you’re already going.”

To find local drop-off spots or learn if a charity will come to your home for pick up, use our resources to search for organizations in your area. Plus, check out our tips for giving and our most recent Chicago and Northern Illinois Charity Reports.

Have stuff you don’t use but just aren’t ready to give away? Consider moving seasonal decorations, large items or mementos into your garage, your attic or a storage facility near your home. Removing unneeded items will make your home feel fresh and new.

Getting Organized

Walk through your home and note where loose items accumulate. Use catchall containers in these high-traffic spots to collect keys, mail, homework and more.

Loose papers, in particular, can contribute to clutter. “Designate a basket or clear poly envelope for bills to pay and other follow-up items,” suggests Patty Wolf of StuffBusters Professional Organizing. “Then, make a point to check your paperwork weekly to avoid late charges and prevent piles from getting out of hand.”

For most families, getting and staying organized is a challenge, particularly in playrooms and living rooms. To help stay on top of things, Patricia Braun of Braun Strategic Resources says, “Divide the room into activity zones: play, sleep, school. Make it easy for kids to help by placing a photo on the outside of each zone’s bin illustrating the items it should contain.”

Once your home is clean and tidy, the trick is keeping it that way. Places like children’s rooms, closets and home offices tend to get messy — and fast. Hiring a professional home organization service can be exactly what you need to find the right storage systems and establish routines your family will use all year long.

There are tons of choices to make when you’re looking for home organization or house cleaning services. The selection process can be overwhelming. Take the guesswork and worry out of finding top-quality providers by visiting the searchable BBB Accredited Business Directory to find the perfect business solution that matches your needs.

Spring Cleaning Tips to Help Calm the Clutter

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