Spring Cleaning: Digitized

Digital spring cleaning tips to tidy up your electronic footprint

Spring is here, and to most of us that means cleaning windows… organizing closets…clearing out attics and garages… But springtime is also a great time to clean up and clear out your digital life. Spending the time to de-clutter your computers, laptops and cell phones will pay off before the next season begins.

Take our technology tidy up challenge with our three main digital corners to clean up this spring!


Polish Up Your Passwords 

The most protected passwords generally include two capitalized letters, two symbols, and at least three numbers. If offered, always activate the two-step verification process and opt into suspicious login activity alerts.

Ditch easily decoded passwords. If any of your passwords for financial, e-mail and even social media accounts resemble any of the five most common listed below, don’t wait to update.

  1. 123456
  2. password
  3. qwerty
  4. Frank011692 (name & birthday)
  5. February161992 (full birth date)

Computer Cleanse 

Consider your sentimental stockpile and work and financial files before starting the “computer cleanse”. Make sure to back up whatever files you can’t afford to lose, like family photos, music downloads and personal records that are stored on your computer. You can make use of free, cloud storage service providers, like iCloud, Google Drive or OneDrive. It’s also a good idea to have a local storage option such as a USB or an external hard drive.

Spot Treat Your Smartphone

Just like tossing out old sticky notes and broken staplers on your workspace can help you stay focused in the office— Deleting ancient text messages and pitching unused applications can help focus your smartphone. Find your frequented apps and contacts a lot easier by utilizing categorized folders to keep similar resources grouped together. After a quick spot treatment, both you and your smartphone will run smoother and faster.

Looking for larger scale digital laundering? Visit ask.bbb.org for a list of accredited businesses, customer reviews, and request a quote options to help with your search.


Spring Cleaning: Digitized

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