Joining Forces: BBB Military Line

There is a common misconception that superheroes cease to exist beyond storybooks and movie screens.

Many of our over 1.4 million military men and women are sent off and welcomed back with celebrations fit for DC Comic crime fighting characters… But all too quickly the celebratory glow begins to dim as the reality of life during and after deployment sets in.

At the Better Business Bureau, we strive to remain mindful of the extraordinary sacrifices military personnel and their loved ones must make.

While the deployed party battles to adapt to harsh conditions in unfamiliar territory overseas, their stateside significant other is often left to manage unfamiliar responsibilities here at home.

In an effort to contribute to the success of our military communities, the Better Business Bureau implemented the Military and Veterans Initiative. Our mission? To bring financial literacy to those who we believe are a most deserving segment of our population, and to the families who harbor the superhuman strength to support them. With the BBB Military Line, our countries first line of defense can find the resources to construct their own personal line of defense against threats to their finances, their homes, and their future.



One of the most difficult tasks our armed forces faces is managing their money while on duty. Keeping finances in order helps to ensure a smooth transition from military life to civilian life for both the service member and their family. Setting long-term goals for after service is completed is just as important as maintaining short-term goals while the serving party is away. Part of managing long and short-term goals includes understanding the options for retirement, and special tax benefits available for US Armed Forces Members. Resources like MobileMi$$ion have been designed specifically for transitioning service members, veterans and their families to help improve upon and maintain positive financial habits.


Scammers don’t give the military community a pass. Service men and women are in some cases even more susceptible to scam artist tactics. Members of the military have to be extra cognizant of scams that promise to save their home in exchange for money. USAA has reported that, “Compared with the general population, more military members than civilians were targets of mortgage foreclosure relief scams. It was the sixth-highest source of complaints among military members, but 15th among the general population.”


The Better Business Bureau works to provide the equipment necessary for our active military personnel, veterans and their families to stay confident during deployment and to successfully transition back into civilian life.

If you’d like to find more information on how to help support our military and veterans, contact your local BBB at

Joining Forces: BBB Military Line

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