Connect & Prosper: Using Social Media to Benefit Your Business

Utilizing social media in your business can make or break success.

Chances are you haven’t hit the gym since making that reoccurring New Year’s Resolution nearly 80 days (…but who’s counting…?) ago. Not to make you feel bad, but social media has been growing in strength, and size since Facebook made its public debut nearly 10 January firsts ago.

Although we don’t want to admit it, we do get it. The 20-somethings in the gym sporting chiseled triceps through college tank tops can prove to be more intimidating than motivating. Unlike in the gym, as social media grows, the generation gap shrinks, making it easier and less intimidating to strong arm your business into more markets.

While the steady rise in temperature is a constant reminder that you dropped the ball on your dream summer body, it’s never too late to flex your social media muscles to bulk up your business.


Observe & Better Serve

You most likely already have an understanding of your dominant audience base and have created a profile of your average customer. A benefit of utilizing social media is being able to discover a set of consumers you may have overlooked. Increase your reach and generate sales leads at a fraction of the cost. Understanding how far your business can stretch in regards to appealing to a variety of consumer types will allow you to tailor product campaigns and offers. Many social media networks have geo-targeting tools that help to streamline your content accordingly.

Find trusted businesses that can work as assets to your social media plan, like Geeks Chicago Tech, Inc.

Learn about social media management with articles from accredited businesses, like HootSuite Media Inc.

Familiarize & Legitimize

Don’t completely ditch passing out paper pamphlets and bringing out business cards when connecting with potential customers in person. Bringing awareness to your brand can only benefit by combining face-to-face commerce with social media marketing. More than half of consumers are more inclined to work with businesses with steady social media sites. Maintaining a social presence helps boost consumer confidence in brand legitimacy, and actively pushing out posts reinforces brand familiarity.

Businesses can increase traffic to their social networks by ensuring their social signals are featured on their company website. Accredited Businesses can get assistance with their displaying their social buttons with help from their BBB.

Inform & React 

Take advantage of the immediacy social media allows. Relay important information and new product launches or service offers at the click of a share button. Increase customer satisfaction by giving them another way to interact with your business. Responding to consumer questions and feedback from a keyboard can also help to bypass customer service blunders that can result from the pressure to react before researching when servicing over the phone.

Just as your Accredited Business can actively seek out and respond to customer reviews as an ongoing effort to maintain a trusted position in the marketplace– Staying active and responsive on social media can act as a means to protecting and maintaining a positive reputation among consumers.

Turn Active Users Into Your Consumers: Study The Active User Count

Facebook- 1.59 Billion Monthly Active Users

*Click into the interests and culture of a variety of consumer types.

Instagram- 400 Million Monthly Active Users

*Appeal to your creative consumers and build a lifestyle around your brand.

Twitter- 320 Million Monthly Active Users

*Give quick tips and interesting bits of information.

Pinterest- 100 Million Monthly Active Users

*Offer inspiration on how to use your products or services.

LinkedIn- 100 Million Monthly Active Users

*Connect with and learn from other business owners.

Google+- 4 to 6 Million Overall Active Users

*Use Google Plus to help boost SEO.

Connect & Prosper: Using Social Media to Benefit Your Business

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