Modernizing Your Financial Plan

Top apps to help manage your finances

We’ve all been there. One minute you’re ready to start seriously thinking about your financial future and the next you’re wondering why you ever anxiously anticipated this whole “adulting” thing.

Before you pick up the phone to call in reinforcements (aka, your mom) for help, or even worse, log into Netflix and forfeit all financial future planning… Take a deep breath, and give it five more minutes before you wave the white flag and surrender to fiscal failure.

Allow us to take the reigns on this one and give you a plush place to start with our 4 Apps to Help You Modernize Your Financial Plan… It is 2016, after all.


1. Mint * 4.5 out of 5

The Mint App works by helping you set up a budget personalized to you. Get alerts and quick customized tips to help you stay up to date on your own financial habits. Also try the MintBills App, which is specified towards helping you manage your bills (no surprise there).

Why We Like It     No two budgets… or budgeters for that matter, are the same. Mint App caters to your personal needs based on your personal spending style and financial goals. The only thing more crippling than thinking about budgeting your spending money… bracing yourself for the monthly echo of bills, bills and more bills. The MintBills app takes some of the pressure off, helping to remind you what amount of cash is coming out when to help avoid the sting of auto draft bill payments, or those dreaded overdraft fees.

2. Splitwise * 4.5 out of 5

It’s not always easy asking your friend to fork up the $50 he owes you for burritos and beers last Friday night. The Splitwise App takes the awkward “You Owe Me” conversation out of the picture with virtual IOU sharing. Splitwise does the math for you by keeping a running tab of who owes who what and why… Because we could all use that $50 back.

Why We Like It     Between friends and random roommates, finances can get all tangled up. To avoid chaos, confusion and in extreme cases– lost friendships, it is important to establish a comfort level with discussing money. Splitwise helps to ease the pain of payback.

3. Bills Monitor * 4.5 out of 5

If you’re a sucker for keeping things in categories, we present to you, the Bills Monitor App. With twenty system generated categories and the option to customize your own, never get caught not knowing exactly where your hard earned money is going. Easily search bills by category and convert them into CSV, HTML, or PDF format to send as e-mails to your financial manager…or financial momager. Whatever. Same thing.

Why We Like It     Categorized manila folders in filing cabinets are great and all…But sifting through 0.1 mm thick pieces of dead trees to find that one document you need is frustrating and not to mention dangerous if you’re paper cut prone. The Bills Monitor App is wonderful for helping you save time. And trees.

4. Foreceipt * 4.5 out of 5

You know how once you buy something, crumple up the receipt and throw it away it’s like the purchase never happened? Just a friendly reminder, the purchase indeed happened and that quick $7 you spent on Starbucks every day this week is, indeed, gone forever. The Foreceipt App lets you enter and save all of your receipts including the merchant and the amount. So as much as you want to forget about that one time you spent twenty bucks on starbursts and body lotion, you can’t.

Why We Like It     Foreceipt doesn’t only electronically hoard all of your receipts, it also works as a budgeting tool, payment reminder system and can be synchronized within multiple devices. Expenses can also be entered in any currency rate so you can track your funds easily from abroad. Hellooooo Europe! If you can afford it, that is.

A couple apps not enough to help you really understand and keep track of your finances? Take a look at all of the BBB Accredited Businesses that offer financial services by clicking here.

Modernizing Your Financial Plan

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