Take Notes: Managing Your College Move-In

College Move-In Day Tips

College move-in day is just as exciting as it can be stressful. Make sure that you are studied up on what you can do to make moving into your dorm or apartment much simpler than that pre-calculus course you signed up for…

As if the pressure of moving away and having confidence that you picked the right major isn’t enough, collaborating with your random roommate and trying to fit all of your belongings into a space often smaller than your room at home doesn’t make matters any better.

Let us help you stress a little less. Grab your college-ruled notebook and take notes on your BBB’s 3 Tips to Manage Your College Move-In!



Social media makes it super easy to find, connect and coordinate your move-in with your future roomie. Start a conversation through messenger, text or e-mail and make a list of what you’ll each need and what you can share! Make your list with the help of BBB Accredited, Target’s, College Checklist! Ensuring that you and your roommate aren’t each bringing large items like a microwave or even smaller kitchen gadgets like a pizza cutter can help lighten your load and cut the clutter in your shared living space.



If you aren’t able to check out the space you’ll be moving into, try searching your college or university and the name of your dorm using designyourdorm.com! After you and your roommate coordinate the list of items you’re each bringing, you can easily place the larger items into your room layout on Design Your Dorm. Get a feel of how much space you’ll have left over after moving in and determine how much storage you’re going to need for items that can’t quite fit.



Depending on how far you are straying away from home, enlisting the help of a moving company can save you a ton of time. Find a BBB Accredited moving company you can trust by simply searching “movers” on ask.bbb.org. A moving company will almost always help you with everything from packing and crating fragile items to loading and lugging your belongings to their final destination. Often times you may also be able to get some additional protection for your belongings should anything get lost or broken with a mover’s valuation.


A Bit of Additional Advice:

 Whether you’re moving into your first dorm room or your first apartment, property management should be upheld to a standard of maintenance for their properties. Your comfort and safety are important. If you’re renting, be sure to check out the space in person before you agree to put any money down. And if you’ll be dorm room living, don’t hesitate to notify the right people if your room conditions are less than acceptable.

No time to take notes? Take a screenshot of this infographic to refer back to as you make your way to move-in day!


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Take Notes: Managing Your College Move-In

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