Following the Code: Business Practices to Apply and Abide By

BBB approved methods to boost your business credibility and gain marketplace trust

Keep your business standards, customer retention and commercial confidence high. There may not be a proven 12-step-plan to reach the Successful Business Promised Land, but there are eight proven principles of creating and maintaining a business your customers can count on.

Being an Accredited Business is more than just a stamp on an ad. It’s a badge of obligation to uphold the Code of Business Practices.

Before you get too comfortable, grab your black fountain pen… or your iPad Stylus Pen… You’re going to want to jot down these 8 Elements of a Trusted Business.

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1. Trust Building

Trust takes time. Give yourself a year to establish and maintain a positive marketplace track record. The first year is one of the most important stages for a budding business. Failing to build the foundation for a trustworthy, reputable company will make for cracks in the foundation of your business further down the road.

2. Honest Advertising

Don’t overcompensate out of anxiety over insufficiencies. Advertising honestly means staying sincere about stats as simple as business size and as crucial as product quality.

3. Truth Telling

“Honesty is the best policy” goes further than just an idiom you were forced to memorize in grade school. In business, and beyond, truthfulness is one of the cornerstones of successful relationships…And successful relationships are a cornerstone of a prosperous business.

4. Maintaining Transparency

No one enjoys being left in the dark. Shed light on the nature, location and ownership of your business. Avoid making promises you can’t keep or muddying the water about policies and procedures in an effort to lock in a sale. Transparency within all aspects of your business is directly correlated with customer satisfaction and trust.

5. Keeping Your Promises

Written or verbal, a promise is a promise.

6. Staying Responsive

Prompt and professional response to complaints and comments are crucial to reputation maintenance. A few unresolved complaints or unappreciated compliments can lead to customer resentment. Although not every complaint can be granted relief, it should not be ignored.

7. Privacy Safeguarding

Secure sensitive data and honor customer preferences in regards to data sharing and unsolicited contact. Data protection is one of the most important aspects of sustaining a trustworthy business as mishandled information can easily lead to fraud and stolen personal information. There are set industry standards for proper protection and disposal of data whether it is collected online or in person.

8. Embodying Integrity

Practice honesty, conduct business ethically, and uphold the same standards privately as you display publicly.



Following the Code: Business Practices to Apply and Abide By

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